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Martin Hurtado, born in Santiago on January 23th, 1965

Martin Hurtado Arquitectos is established in Santiago de Chile since 1993. The approach of the office is based on the premise that form is a consequence, not a goal.

Project’s are based on a profound structure that helps organize the building and it’s programme. This constitutes a reasonable and appropriate work sequence, coherent between what a building “wants to be” (quoting L.Kahn) and the chose of materials it will be built with.

Projects have been published and distinguished worldwide in several magazines and architecture biennales. Recent publications include ARQ magazine, Lisboa Bienal (BIAU), Chilean Architecture Bienal, Revista ESCALA, 30 Years of Chilean Architecture, among others.

Previous Professional Experience and Education

Martin Hurtado Covarrubias, head of the office, receives the degree of Architect from the Catholic University of Chile in 1989. Has been teaching architecture studios since 1990; Lead teacher of thesis projects at the same school from 1999 to 2001; Lead teacher of thesis projects from 2001 to 2007 at Andres Bello University; Lead teacher of Architecture workshop (main subject) since 2006 at Finis Terrae University; Lead teacher of International Architecture workshop at UBA (University of Buenos Aires), since 2008.

Worked at Enrique Browne and Borja Huidobro’s architecture office from 1990 to 1993.

Has been working independently since 1993.

He has specialized on wood, with more than 150 built projects in different areas that include housing, industry, equipment, religious, culture, office buildings, urban developments, schools, among others.

Four years national director of the Wood Architecture Competition CORMA.